Our team, your travel experts

Jurgen Pol
All round globetrotter with many years of travel experience in Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia and Pacific Islands. Started travelling when he was 18 years old and has never stopped. Loves the beautiful friendly culture of the Pacific and the spectacular scenery. Keeps coming back twice a year because he is sort of addicted! Jurgen also very much enjoys the Sydney food scene.
Margret Stornebrink
Margret has been working as a Pacific specialist for over 21 years with Worldwide Travel Group. You could call her a Pacific addict, she can’t get enough of islands and has travelled our region extensively. Both on land and underwater, as she is also a keen diver.
Diana Maestre
Dianas favorite destination in the world is the Pacific. She first travelled to the South Pacific for her honeymoon and since then has continued to explore the many magical destinations in the Pacific Islands regularly. She has also traveled extensively throughout New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii.
Lara Haagsma
Lara has travelled throughout Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific. One of Lara’s absolute favourite destinations in the whole world is Vanuatu. She raves about her unforgettable experience with a tribe on Malekula – Vanuatu (pictured above).
Mike Schouten
Mike finds travelling fantastic! Every destination has it’s own spots and every time is a new adventure. He is passionated about Online Marketing and Tourism. Mike loves to travel and learn new cultures and languages. He visits a new country he has never been to each year. Travelling to the Pacific has always been a dream of his.