Environmentally responsible travel

Here at Worldwide Travel Group we are passionate about promoting sustainable tourism. It is critical to consider the environment, people, nature and culture when travelling to ensure future generations can also enjoy.

Tips for sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism is not just for travel businesses. You as a tourist taking a vital link. Heres some tips to get you started.
  • Give the car a holiday on vacation. Discover the pleasure of walking, cycling, bus tours and boat.
  • Enjoy a holiday in the low season.
  • Be kind to the environment and use public transport – use public transport to and from the airport is an environmentally friendly choice. Consider the possibilities of an alternate transport to your destination such as bus or train.
  • Never buy souvenirs made from endangered animals, plants and coral.
  • Clean water is a precious possession. In many warm holiday destinations there is a shortage of water, think about this when taking long showers.
  • Feel at home on vacation and save electricity. Turn the lights, the TV and radio off when you leave the room at the hotel, apartment or bungalow. Enjoy the summer sun and turn the air conditioning down a notch. A sweater in the winter snow takes less energy than a hot heater.
  • Also a nature lover? A marked route is a guarantee for the preservation of flora and fauna, so put your footstep where others have been too.
  • Respect the customs and culture of the people. If necessary, adjust your clothing and ask before you take photos of people.
  • Be adventurous and try local cuisine.
  • Shop in the local store and contribute to local employment and earnings.
  • Take your rubbish with you. Litter is a major annoyance at home and on vacation. If you go walking in nature or visiting on vacation towns or villages leave no waste behind. And if you see litter while walking be proactive and pick it up.
  • You as holidaymakers choose what vehicle you are going on vacation. Many vehicles provide a release of a substance, carbon dioxide, also known as CO 2, which pollutes the climate. These emissions by can be improved by planting trees, because trees convert this substance back into healthy oxygen. Vacationers can make planting trees by purchasing C0-2 certificates in various organisations.