To the sun, the snow, a metropolis or just the mountains. Wherever you go, ETI will ensure you are covered and have no worries while travelling. ETI has been ninety years the specialist in travel and leisure insurance in the Netherlands.

Knowledgeable Individuals at your Service
Do you need help with your journey? Or phone number of the nearest doctor? Then you contact the European Helpline +31 20 651 5777 call day and night.

Therefore calling the European Helpline
– For roadside assistance, accidents, illness and emergencies
– For professional support through the alarm
– For global aid you in your own language
– For a quick advice for simple medical problems
– For the best doctors and emergency services in the abroad

Always a customized travel insurance
You can create your own short-term travel insurance. You can choose from the three different premiums. Additionally, you can supplement your insurance with various additional coverage’s.

Basis: The main risks covered
The Basic travel insurance you are well insured for the main risks during your trip. So you are assured of expert assistance through the European Helpline. In addition, you are entitled to some important benefits. For example if you accidentally break something in your hotel room or on your holiday. You have standard European cover. For travel outside Europe, you can expand the Basic travel insurance with worldwide coverage.

Comfort: more than ample compensation
insurance The Comfort of ETI offers more than the basic insurance. With Comfort you get larger fees for the coverages you choose, such as medical expenses, accidents or luggage. Standard European cover, which you can expand to worldwide cover.

Suppliments for Basic & Comfort
You can suppliment your Basic or Comfort insurance coverage to align with your needs. For example, you want to ensure you are covered for your skiing holiday? You can always adjust the coverage.

Optimal: everything covered
Want to take more risks? Then the optimal insurance is perfect for you. We have an extensive policy, so there will be no surprises. Luggage, full medical expenses, and legal assistance. Moreover, we will refund your luggage to two years the replacement value, with no deductible! With this insurance, you can choose from Europe or Worldwide Coverage.

Children up to the age of 4 are insured free. Here you can see the directory of the Short-term Insurance.

Short-term Insurance Coverage Overview
• Worldwide support, 24 hours a day
• Quick baggage handling damage
• Sports Risks insured, including rappelling and rafting
to ensure separately • Sports
• No deductible for medical expenses
• Two-year replacement value compensation for luggage at Optimal
The policy cost of the insurance is € 3,50 euros per policy.

Take a Photocopy of your Policy on your journey
It is advisable that you take a photocopy of your insurance policy, so you always have the necessary information. The corresponding policy conditions of the Short-term Insurance, you can download here.