Insurance ETI and HanseMerkur

The chances of bad luck and accidents is greater during an overseas holiday trip than if you just stay home. Before you travel it is important to see whether and what your current insurance coverage is. Risk Supplementary insurance for sickness and accident, theft or loss of baggage and legal assistance are usually necessary.

What are the risks to be insured

Medical care, nursing care and repatriation
A standard health insurance often does not cover all costs in case of illness or accident abroad. These costs can rise precipitously when traveling to distant destinations, especially when they involve hospitalization. Therefore, well in advance that you’re just confident and in what amount. Check it is best to take out travel insurance that provides worldwide coverage for all costs of medical care and treatment to cost.

Example: Suppose you run an acute appendicitis in Namibia. You should then be transported back to the Netherlands. This is normally done under the supervision of nursing assistant with medical equipment from the Netherlands. You will travel in Business Class (use of space for ambulance bed least 4 chairs). The transport can be expected, including aid and ambulance transport to and from the airports amounts involved at least 50,000 euros. If you have no travel insurance, with worldwide coverage, these costs will be recovered later on you.

Practicing risk sports                                                                                                                                                                                When practicing risk sports such as scuba diving, mountain climbing, skiing, mountain biking, bungee jumping or skydiving, it is important that you check whether you are insured for accidents that result from that sport. Often this is not the case by default, and you can exercise optional extra insurance.

Theft, loss and damage to baggage
Your insurance does not cover theft or damage of your luggage traveling. So it makes sense to an additional insurance against theft of goods – to exit and possibly cash and checks. As a tourist in a foreign country, you are indeed vulnerable. Cars and motor homes are often easy to break open. Baggage insurance is usually part of the travel insurance.

Unexpected cancellation of the trip
If you have to cancel, for example due to illness of yourself or family members, a booked trip unexpectedly, you must usually the fare according to the ANVR conditions still paying. This risk can be insured by closing a cancellation insurance. The premium is 4.5% of the total amount. You need to connect. Cancellation insurance when booking or no later than one week after confirmation of the final trip off the insurance coverage goes immediately.

Assistance in countries abroad
It is often difficult to achieve than in the Netherlands. equal your Legal aid is not a luxury when you come into trouble abroad. For example, suppose you have an accident and you want to recover the cause the damage. An advocate locally arrange this for you then. For more information, please contact your insurance adviser or bank.