Worldwide Travel Group is a member of the General Dutch Association of Travel Agencies and the Association of ANVR Travel Organization. This association has strict standards for membership and promotes the quality of travel and the information on them.
The trips on this website and in our guides are offered under the condition that the ANVR Travel conditions apply to all offers on our website or in our guidebooks, unless expressly indicated that this is not the case. These Terms & Conditions are printed in the brochure ANVR 2006. The booking will provide you a copy of this brochure. The brochure also contains the ANVR Booking Conditions, the terms of travel associations, the terms of the Calamity Fund and other important information.
The Benefits of Booking a tour ANVR

  • Tour operator beforehand – You know exactly what ANVR travel company performs your trip and responsible for it, before a booking.
  • All contact details are mentioned – You know how and where you can reach for information, bookings or questions.
  • Always a clear booking process – We keep the booking process simple, ANVR members receive a clear road map until booking.
  • Clear conditions – You know of ATOL travel or booking conditions apply to your trip and you can save and / or print, so you can read quietly. This way you there will be no surprises.
  • The privacy of your personal data is guaranteed – if you need to fill your personal information on the website, you always know which purpose your personal information is used.
  • Right to access, modify and delete personal information – You have the right to inspect, to make changes or remove your personal data.
  • Traceable advertising – Advertising by third parties on the website of a travel company is always clearly identified and traced. ANVR members adhere to this rule.
  • No unnecessary advertising – You can indicate on the website of ANVR members if you do not wish to receive offers and / or newsletters from the travel company.
  • Annual check – the website of the ANVR members is monitored annually on the basis of the ANVR Internet code of conduct that is regularly updated

For more information about the ANVR visit their website.